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If you want to write for us and become a guest blogger, please read these rules and policy below first. You can contact us HERE to send your request to become guest blogger or simply use below form to send us the request. Meanwhile, you can register to as subscriber HERE before we promote you to become author.Thank you.

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Publishing Disclaimers

  • All content original to, and published on website or elsewhere, is copyright to

  • We may decline to publish, or we may edit content submissions as needed.

  • We assume permission to publish for any written material that you submit.

  • We may remove the article submitted if it does not go by the rules.

  • Written material submitted to without copyright automatically falls under copyright.

Rules - Please Read Before Submitting Articles

1) Great Content

Please submit article proposals for approval. We are looking for easy to read, thoughtful, substantial information that matches writing style and content, and of course our visitors interests.

2) Relevance

Anything about travel or adventure, including valued hotel reviews for travelers or backpackers. Not too much self-promotion. Check out some of the articles already posted for your examples.

3) Good Written English

We will edit where necessary for length or clarity without altering content, but we have our limits! Please review and edit your articles before submitting to!

4) Links and References

Two unpaid promotional link for the author or author publication allowed per article, and one referral links. Please provide text and URL's for links. List offline references in text or in standard ref. format at the bottom of the page, with reference numbers inserted in the text.

5) Sponsored Articles

We do not accept articles with 3rd party sponsored links whose sole purpose is to promote the companies paying for the links. We also do not insert 3rd party sponsored links in our original content.

6) Keywords

We need keywords for the search engines, so visitors will find your article when they search. Give us 3-4 main keywords or keyword phrases, which are used in your page title and intro text.

7) The Right Length

Not too long, not too short. 500 - 1000 words is good. But we'd rather you went a bit over than compromise your content.


NO Porn, NO swearing, NO slander, NO libel, NO plagiarism, NOR copyright busting. If you have great content, there shouldn't be a problem.

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