It's Not Just LIFE, It's an ADVENTURE!

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MOUNTSICKNESS is the place to start an adventure, from mountain adventures, camping, climbing, snorkeling, diving, fishing, rafting, traveling...
Here everyone can share stories, information and education all about adventure and beautiful places ever explored
together while maintaining and preserving nature for future generations .... "IT'S NOT JUST LIFE, IT'S AN ADVENTURE"



  • to protect and preserve nature for future generations

  • as a medium of information exchange and learning for all

  • unite all the adventurers in Indonesia and the World

Azheeq here!
Hi there!
I'm ASDF, an Adventure seeker, Sea lover, Diet doer err..., FFFan... ;)

I'm currently living in Jakarta, got a fair job, still haven't got the long term thingy, and I like ice cream and all the sweetness of the world. (And off course I like gettin' wet in the rain with a delicious babe !) ... naahh I'm just joking... but I can't help it if it's really happening though:P

My Favorite quote would be:
"It's not just Life, It's an Adventure. because Life itself is an Adventure!"
And this is my website, Our website. Me and my good friend's. Hope you enjoy it!

Drop me a comment, email, or anything that pops in your mind at

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Inuyazha says:
This is inoe'X....
life is a journey of a dream ...
a beautiful dream, and do not swayed away ...
wake up, chase, and realize all your beautiful dreams ...
because there is no perfect dream ...
perfection belongs only to ALLAH.SWT ...
pray and seek ...


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