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Hey folks, how are you doing today? I hope you are all alright, perfect! I have been watching this one television series on WAKUWAKU JAPAN since a couple of weeks ago... and I love it! It's called Rebound, and this is the story... so sit back, relax, and enjoy... :D

It's a story of a young woman named Nobuko Ohba, rotfl she's so cute and funny... I like the way they portray her character in this series... so full of spirit! just like her appetite :D The story begin with six years old Nobuko crying... running... until she finds her way to a lovely house. She open the door and sat down on the front porch, still crying...

That's when the owner of the house heard the noise and finds her in his front door. He gently trying to comfort her and offer her a cake. Then she calms down a bit and sat down and the owner brings a short cake for her. After that she has been indulged in a frenzy appetite... filling her mouth with everything sweet... the result, yup... you guess right, FAT!

That's probably the biggest mistake she has ever made or the path to her destiny... xoxoxo Later in her life... now at her 20's, it was her dream to work at EDEN, a famous magazine, so she devoted her will to loose all that fat to be able to join the glamourous life of magazine company.

And somehow she was accepted as the new employee at the famous Eden Magazine, she accidentally got her first assignment to write an article about a certain cake shop called Ange, which was her long forgotten cake store, 15 years ago... sweet memories.

But, the once delicious cake was no longer exist... the delicious cake that she tasted back then was made by the current owner, Imai Taichi's father... whom he wasn't capable to surpass or even recreate. To top it off, Nobuko wrote a very honest opinion about the cake, which was not very good for the cake store obviously...

The owner was furious... so angry to himself for not being able to surpass his own father... and people always try to compare him with his father. And finally he decides to quit pastry business because of the pressure, yet Nobuko disagrees... She encourage him to believe in himself and try again.

Rebound - Aibu Saki as Nobuko Ohba

Most of the time she is struggling with her weight problem, thus the idea of the title "Rebound" came from... and don't forget her love life, all in all, she was trying to find her best, best balance of weight in life. :D

Ooops I think I spilled out too many details for you all... that's almost one episode worth of the story... sorry... I just love the story so much, because I can really relate to the story... So, if you had the chance, watch the show, it's sooo cute, fun, and full of sweet cakes, all episodes. Nagi wa tsuni? Ata mashita ROTFL :D

Watch it only on WAKUWAKU JAPAN!
Please see the schedule below:
Start on April 30, 2014 (Wed)
First broadcast: Monday to Thursday, 19:00 - 20:00
Repeat broadcast (1): Tuesday to Friday, 01:00 - 02:00
Repeat broadcast (2): Tuesday to Friday, 11:00 - 12:00
Repeat broadcast (3): Sunday, 12:00 - 16:00

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All Rebound images, characters, names, etc are copyright of their respective owners.


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