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Hi guys, what's up? Hope you guys are doing alright! Great! I have watched one of WAKUWAKU JAPAN television program about fishing, called Osprey's EYE. It was the 13th episode, experience real bass fishing with Toshinari "Machine Gun" Namiki, one of Japan greatest angler...

Let's start Our fishing adventure with Toshinari Namiki. On this 13th episode of Osprey's EYE takes you to Nakasujigawa River to see Toshinari Namiki in action!

osprey's eye toshinari namiki

Who's Toshinari Namiki anyway? Toshinari Namiki is one of Japan greatest angler, world professional fishing champion that has earned his nickname "Machine Gun" because of his speed fishing action.

He's showing his fishing skills at Nakasujigawa River... slowly drifting through the calm river water with all his fishing equipment onboard a small boat. The Osprey's EYE camera crew unobtrusively follows his every action with another small boat from a distance.

Toshinari prepares his fishing rod and fishing lure and throws the bait precisely to where he wanted, it was near the river banks just under a bush or a tree, which he then told the audience that fish usually gathers around the waters where there are plants, trees, or bushes.
And to everyone surprise, he got a reaction from his fishing rod not more than 1 minute later. He instantly reacts and reel in the fish, and finally caught it, a huge 50-60 cm bass, THAT'S AMAZING! How did he do that??

Then he continues, following the river flow, drifting ever so slowly while he prepares his fishing rod and fishing lure for another action. He's interested on another fishing spot, and immediately throws his lure in a very relax manner, and yet his throws are surprisingly accurate... a small area of water just between rocks. And yep, he got a bite again not more than 2 minutes later. This time a 40cm bass. Wow, that's just WOW! He really is the "Machine Gun"!

One thing I've noticed, How did he navigate alone through the river with his small boat loaded with all of his equipment? He can not possibly just letting the river stream drift his boat... he would crash at some point. Then I pay more attention to his boat, and apparently he has installed a custom electronic pedal around the place where he usually stands, at the starboard, that he uses to control the rudder and the thruster of the boat, so he can directs his boat to pretty much anywhere he wanted. There are so many things I didn't know even existed, Nice, Very Nice Idea Indeed!

After a series of fishing action, a super quick fishing action!, Toshinari Namiki and the camera crews go back to the Osprey's EYE studio to close this episode with a some explanation about types of fishing lures that he uses to caught all of his fishes just now.

There are lots of fishing lures, most of them are made of quality plastic or rubber. Some looks like a small crab complete with its pinchers, some looks like a shrimp, some looks like a small fish. They are each designed to lure specific types of fish. Some even had a very realistic looking wiggling movement when put in the water and reel in by the angler.

Toshinari shows the lure up-close, that in fact the lure has a little joints added on its tail and some water deflector of some kind to make the lure wiggles when reel in by the angler to imitate the movement of a water creature, a small shrimp, or a small fish. This types of fishing lure will definitely can give you an edge on your fishing adventures!

If you like real bass fishing sport, you really should watch Osprey's EYE on WAKUWAKU JAPAN! Great show, I have learned a lot about bass fishing from this show.

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