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Hey guys, what up? We finally meet again after my writing hiatus, it has been quite a while now... I hope I can make it all up and catch up with so many things that going on in the world, especially Indonesia! :D With election day coming soon! Hoping the best for Indonesia!

Before we begin, I wanna make sure we are on the same playing field... If you are new to anime or tokusatsu, let me explain them just a bit for you. Anime is simply the term we used for Japanese animated film or cartoon, which sometimes also meant for more mature audience, with lots of violence and sexual material, such as the popular the Ghost in the Shell featured film...

And as for Tokusatsu, is a live-action film or drama which uses quite a lot of special effects in its storytelling, such as Godzilla or Ultraman.Tokusatsu also has been considered as one of the most popular forms of Japanese entertainment.

So, now that you know what Anime and Tokusatsu is, Can you tell what kind of genre does The Masked Rider Black falls into? Are You sure? Yes, That's correct! The Masked Rider Black is a tokusatsu. And not just any tokusatsu, it was considered as one of the greatest Tokusatsu ever made! With million of fans worldwide. :D

To start this new series of articles, I have been working on a review project for WAKUWAKU JAPAN regarding their television programs. I want to do this, because first and foremost I like Japanese cultures, second, I like to review things and give my most honest opinion, third, I'm subscribed to Firstmedia where I can enjoy watching WAKUWAKU JAPAN television programs as I wish, fourth, I have the spare time to write, a lot of spare time in fact, and the last but not least, the fifth, WAKUWAKU JAPAN review task can bring me some new ideas of my next articles... So it's a win-win  solution. And there you have it! :D Please sit back, read, and enjoy my story review of one of WAKUWAKU JAPAN television Anime/ Tokusatsu program The Masked Rider Black!

In Indonesia, not too long ago, The Masked Rider Black was also known as Ksatria Baja Hitam. Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia or RCTI was the first local television broadcaster to introduce this tokusatsu to the Indonesian viewers back in 1993. It was an instant hit, everybody, mostly students, suddenly talks about ksatria baja hitam or Kamen Rider Black as they call it in Japan. And due to its high popularity, the series goes back on air in 2004-2006 with the help of Indosiar, another Indonesia local television broadcaster.

The story itself revolves around a strapping young man called Kotaro Minami, a regular Japanese college student. He and his best friend Nobuhiko Akizuki was more like brothers than just friend. On the day of Kotaro Minami's 19th birthday, at his birthday party, he and his best friend was kidnapped by an unknown syndicate, which later known as Gorgom, the Evil organization that wants to take over the world. Classic! :D

Kotaro Minami and His Trusty Bike

As the name implies, Gorgom was a very evil organization, aiming to recreate the world/ universe with any means necessary. Including the kidnapping of Kotaro Minami and Nobuhiko Akizuki, whom they planning to sacrifice their body by transplanting the King Stone and turn them into some kind of evil God candidates called the Century King, which the three priests of Gorgom helps create. It is said that if the candidates were to succeed in becoming the Century King, he could recreate the entire universe as he pleases, and that means Gorgom will win, and rule the world.

Masked Rider Black - Fully realize Black Sun

But faith wanting another ending, as the two of the kidnapped princes struggles to get out of Gorgom grasp, only one of them manage to escape, it was none other than Kotaro Minami. With the help of a weird living motorcycle, later known as Belalang Tempur or the Black Hopper, Kotaro Minami finally escapes but only to encounter the Three Priests of Gorgom. Somehow the King Stone which has been trasnplanted into his body reacts to the situation, subconsciously Kotaro changes into some kind of hopper-man, and continues to evolve into... as the Three Priest says the name in amazement: The Black Sun!

Black Sun and Black Hopper

Now that Kotaro Minami has fully turned into a Black Sun, a Century King candidate, knowing how great the power of the candidate, the Three Priests of Gorgom backs off a bit, but haven't given up on capturing him back. So with Black Sun's power Kotaro fights them and beat them to a pulp. Feeling overwhelmed by Black Sun's power, the three priests fled and escape for the meantime...

Masked Rider Black Tokusatsu Poster

Later on, Kotaro Minami, with his newly found powers calls himself The Masked Rider or Kamen Rider Black or Ksatria Baja Hitam. Henshin! And thus the legend of Ksatria Baja Hitam starts, fighting off evil henchmen throughout the country, finding clues, doing everything he can in order to save his best friend from the grasps of the Evil Gorgom!


Since then, one after another, a new tokusatsu film pops up on the silver screen to try and repeat the same success Masked Rider Black has achieved, including the American version, which was also quite well known, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, does that ring a bell?

And today, there are plenty of new tokusatsu title films around to choose from, but still, none of them have the originality and interesting plot and story line as good as Kamen Rider Black. People are starting to wonder if Kamen Rider Black is ever going to go back on air again... We still want to see Kotaro changes into the Masked Rider Black! ;)

Well, feel rejoice! Because the time you all have been waiting for is finally here, WAKUWAKU JAPAN has put the long awaited tokusatsu and brought him back alive as one of their regular television program.

WAKUWAKU JAPAN schedule the famous tokusatsu film airing starting from Monday to Friday, from 06:30 AM to 07:00 AM Western Indonesian Time (GMT +7). The Masked Rider Black is also being aired with two reruns in one day. The first rerun aired from Monday to Friday at 08:30 AM to 09:00 AM. The second rerun aired from Monday to Friday at 16:30 PM to 17:00 PM.

In my opinion, the broadcast schedule is the most important thing to consider first, because even if the film is great and all but if no one is watching it because they are off their schedule, it would be pointless. And I think WAKUWAKU JAPAN has the schedule pretty much covered. You can watch it in the morning before going to school, or if somehow you missed it, you can still watch it on the second rerun after school at 16:30. Thank you WAKUWAKU JAPAN!

This one is a real classic 90's tokusatsu film, don't you dare miss it! :D

The Masked Rider Black/ Kamen Rider Black and all images related in this article is an (c) ISHIMORI PRODUCTION INC. and TOEI COMPANY, LTD. All Rights Reserved.

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