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Hey guys, I wanted to participate in B Blog’s, I A.M a Blogger challenge... And the challenge is to state my reason why I made a blog in the first place. Well to explain this I have 5 very good and very simple reason that may shock some of You! Interested? Do you want to Know? KEPO :D Read On People!

I like to Write
I like expressing myself through my writings.

I want to keep some sort of Journal or Diary for my adventures. I've got plenty of adventures, and creating a blog was the fun way of preserving these memories of mine.

I want to share. My experiences, my knowledge, my reviews, anything! There's nothing better than sharing with other people around the world, and show them that you care.

I am a self learner. Creating a blog also was my plan in learning more about the internet, the web, and how to built them. I've learned to build myself a blog using the ever so famous Wordpress Engine. I'm still learning, and it was fun... got new knowledge to share again.

I love meeting new people! Visitors coming from around the world. Gave their comments, state their critiques, flaming, trolling, or just blog walking... sometimes I get interesting people with interesting comments that to some maybe worthless, but for me its priceless.

Besides letting me express myself through writings, getting new knowledge, meeting interesting personas... hmmm nope I don't think there is anything in it for me.... wait there is something... I'm earning some hard dough from my blog posts, not much, but it's fun doing it, so why not.

Tips and Tricks?
Just write! Let everything flow. Try to share knowledge and not just creating articles for the sake of creating an article. You need to set a purpose in your writing.

About B Blog
Not much, but I know that B Blog gave me a motivational boost in myself to start writing again. Thanks B Blog for this wonderful opportunities. Love You!

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