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Grand Canyon, one of the most miraculous sites to visit is the Grand Canyon located in the state of Arizona. The Grand Canyon is a deep canyon that is 277 miles wide and goes to a depth of a mile. It is an insanely beautiful natural wonder that is breathtaking to see. Aside from the wonderful view, there are fantastic things to do in the area and other perks to taking a visit to the Grand Canyon.

Things to Do

Hiking, kayaking, rafting and helicopter tours are the top activities to do while visiting the Grand Canyon. There are amazing hiking trails that stretch all along beautiful deserts and valleys. And, kayaking and rafting are among the most adventurous activities to engage in while at the Grand Canyon. One of the most fantastic sites to see is the Grand Canyon, while flying in a helicopter. There are many companies that conduct helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon.

[caption id="attachment_5134" align="aligncenter" width="690"]Grand Canyon Sunset Grand Canyon Sunset[/caption]


When going to Grand Canyon, make sure to leave your inhibitions at home and get ready for fun, beauty and adventure. A great tip for visiting the Grand Canyon is that your phone can be used as your personal tour guide! And, make sure to check out the scenic Hermit Road and the scenic Desert View Drive. Both of these roads are accessible by car, food, bicycle or motorcycle. There is also a free shuttle available during certain months out of the year that goes along Hermit Road. Another great place to check out is Desert View Point’s Watchtower.


Visiting the Grand Canyon itself is fairly inexpensive; it costs $25 for a car to enter the Grand Canyon State Park and $12 a person on foot, bicycle or motorcycle. The admission price is for 7 days and includes entrance to the South Rim and the North Rim of the park.

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