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It was just last week (5th May 2012) that we had another chance to go out adventuring again. This time we decided to go to Ujung Genteng. Ujung Genteng is the end of the southern coastal part of ​​West Java, located in Ciracap District, Sukabumi with the distance of approximately 220 kilometers from the capital city of Jakarta or 230 kilometers from the city of Bandung. That's about six or seven hours drive by car, why? because the road aren't exactly on a straight line. :D There are several alternative routes and adequate public transportation to the Ujung Genteng.

Ujung Genteng Cliffs

Ujung Genteng as the coastal tip of the south coast of Java are generally well known for its clear blue water and huge waves that came straight from the Indian Ocean. However, Ujung Genteng beach is much different than the beach at the coastal port of the famous Pelabuhan Ratu which often claimed lives because of the ferocious waves.

The waves at Ujung Genteng are also big but is not as dangerous for tourists or travelers who likes to play around the beach. These huge waves were break by the scattered coral and rocks that span 20 to 30 meters of the beach, so we can actually enjoy the nature with beautiful beaches, safely, and comfortably. Children can swim in the sea as much and lets look at a bunch of colorful fish on the sidelines of the rock. A lot of the locals also plays or go fishing from on top of these rocks.

Ujung Genteng Beach

At Ujung Genteng there are many interesting activity you can do, such as observing green turtle (Chelonia mydas) at the beach of Pangumbahan.

There is also specific spots where you can surf on the waves which are quite challenging, the locals called them "The Seven Waves", because these waves almost always comes in seven succession of consecutive huge waves. This location is a favorite area for tourists as surfing spot.

Going to Ujung Genteng with My Lovely Reds

For those of you who enjoys fishing, Ujung Genteng is a great place where the fish are plenty and varied, so even beginners can catch one or two in no time...

Tebing Amanda Ratu (Amanda Ratu Cliff). Here you will feel as you were at the Tanah Lot (Bali) because of the huge rock in the sea where the waves hit upon as at Tanah Lot.

Local residents of Ujung Genteng usually make a coconut sugar, we can observes how the making process by the local community utilizing the vast coconut plantations, the residents put up bowl to put the liquid taken fresh from coconuts and flowers gathered and cooked in large pot and then put in a piece of bamboo and let it formed. Typically the results are larger than the size of the palm sugar on the market.

Drama di Pantai Ujung Genteng

That day (30th March 2014), the sun was shining as bright as she can, it's a typical scenery that you will often find when visiting Ujung Genteng shores. But that doesn't stop us from taking a photograph or two. As you can see, the bright sunlight gives a very harsh light and create a beautiful silhouette pictures... the huge waves coming straight from the Indian Ocean further decorate the background.

Penyu-penyu kecil merangkak menuju laut lepas

And don't forget, Ujung Genteng also very famous for its Penyu or sea turtle breeding and conservation, as sea turtles always pick the sandy beach of Ujung Genteng years after years, as their breeding ground, giving birth to hundreds of cute little sea turtles. We call these baby sea turtles: the Tukik, or just Tukik. Your journey to Ujung Genteng would not be complete without observing these little sea turtles races and struggles to get into the sea. They are really magnificent creatures, truly God creation.

Below is the map of Southern West Java where Ujung Genteng is located approximately.

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