Friday, 4 May 2012

Escaping Through Fire Tips

  • Tip One
    If forced to travel through flames to reach safety, cover yourself (including your head) in a blanket, curtain, or overcoat. Wet it if you can, then take a deep breath and go.

  • Tip Two
    If your clothes catch alight, do NOT stay on your feet when out of the fire. The flames and smoke will travel up your body, over your face and into your lungs.

  • Tip Three
    Do NOT run, this will only fan the flames

  • Tip Four
    Roll on the ground and try to wrap yourself in something that will smother the flames, like a mat, blanket, or overcoat.

  • Tip Five
    If someone else comes running out of fire with their clothes alight, push them to the ground and use the same methods of denying the flames oxygen. Do NOT hug them to you or your clothes may catch fire.

Brain Azheeq

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