Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tips when Travelling Alone

Know Before You Go
Learn about Your destination, especially when traveling to a foreign country. Adapt your dress and demeanor to comply with local customs.

Learn about the Place Your Staying
Get to know the Hotel staff or the place where You will be staying. It would be wise to get a card from the counter with the hotel's name, address and phone number and keep this card on you at all times.

Travel Documents
Make at least two copies of Your important travel documents (e.g. passport or id). Keep one with You at all times and another one at a safe place (e.g. hotel's vault).

Packing Smart
Pack light so you can travel with ease and comfort. Don't forget to keep your important document close to you.

Know Your Transportation
Explore transportation options available at your destination before hand. You can ask travel agents to help pick the safest options and make the necessary arrangements.

Know Your Surroundings
Study a map of the area you will be visiting. Ask the concierge about any places that You should avoid.

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