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Use a passport holder with skin/ beige color for complete invisibility and security. Also, you could carry a purse or wallet with some cash or non-essential items as a decoy in the unlikely event of theft. A thief will expect that you have something of value, therefore give them a low value target.
Never loose your passport. Keep it with you. Do not store your passport in your luggage or your hotel room.

Best for credit cards, passports, large denomination currency. Use for theft prevention for high-value items. Avoid using a wallet for coins & small denomination currency. Do not use a fancy pack or wear outside of your clothing.

Never get separated from your travel group without a reconnect plan. Get a business card from the hotel you are staying. That way, a taxi can return you to your room.
If you are traveling with someone else, we suggest that you purchase a very low cost Nokia 3220 Tri-band GSM World phone from Well Equipped Traveler. Purchase a low-cost SIM card in the country where you are traveling.

You can always call or text them to meet at somewhere or plan upcoming events at only pennies per minute.

Do not take your good smart phone! Everyone loves a smart-phone, but the cost of daily rooming and use charges can (and will) cost you hundreds of dollars. (Check the travel blogs for the AT&T and Verizon horror stories.)
When going through airport security, you will need to have your passport in your hand and not in the security pouch. Also, coins or jewelry may set off the security system.

And last but not least, do not forget to bring a pen, this may look very simple but it is a very essential for your travel, especially at airports.

Travel Safely and Well Equipped!

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