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On my weekend a short while ago, I have the chance to go to the most amazing place of all. It’s called Cukang Taneuh according to the locals, but we know it as Green Canyon.
Green Canyon, Pangandaran, Cijulang, West Java, Indonesia. It is located 319 km from Jakarta or 183 km from Bandung. If you want to reach it from Purwokerto, you’ll need to travel for 158 km.

Green Canyon Entrance Gate

As the name implies it is a canyon with mostly green vegetation along the river of Cijulang. The Green name didn’t come from the green vegetation but it was derived from the color of the river during summer. It is said to be the works of green algae that lives and flourishes only in summer time.

The journey to Green Canyon is looong and winding. It’s probably best to just sleep to conserves your energy. But by doing that you will miss some interesting things along the way though. Like having the bus that we’re on getting scraped by a semi truck just…wow…the most exciting and dangerous thing ever happen to me. I’m just glad the bus didn’t tip and going over the cliff…fiuuh…that’s a close one!

Well, I let you decide which one is best. Surely, 8 to 10 hours of trip is tiring, but we had fun on the pit stop at several points on the road. Finding a BR (B*skin&Robbins) stand was just one of those things. Yummy!

Road to Green Canyon

We depart at around 7:30 PM on Friday, and arrived at destination, which is Pangandaran Beach Side Hotel at around 5:00 AM. As soon as we have arrived, I unpack all of my things and help with anything I can help and go straight to bed. It was just so tiring to sleep while seated. So after an hour or so, we all wake up, freshing up a bit and then we have our first breakfast at the hotel.

Body Rafting Team

Soon after breakfast, we’re getting ready to go to Green Canyon, which is located around 30 km west of Pangandaran beach, that’s around an hour trip.

The guide said that, the monsoon makes the water colder than the usual, and murkier of course. The supposedly Green Canyon turns into a Brown Canyon because there are just too much sediment mixed up in the water.

At Green Canyon entrance, I’ve got a glimpse of the green river. Got so excited, for an instant I forgot to bring my bag and camera. I soon realizes that the trip is still not over yet, because apparently we need to go further up the stream to get to the start point of the body rafting adventure.

After putting up our own life jacket, helmet, and shin protector, the guide then gather all around at the hut where he keeps all of the safety equipments. And he starts a brief explanation for safety and rescue procedures, and of course a prayer before going to the starting point.

We were brought there on the back of the truck. There are like 30 people stuffed together, going through an up and down hill pathways…hmm…it’s very nice…, NOT! And it’s another 30 to 40 minutes to get there. And this time it’s a standing party. Yeah! Bring it on!

Then finally we all arrived at the starting point. It’ body rafting time! Let’s get the party started!!!

The guide jumps into the river first then everyone follows, starting to jump into the river one by one. The water was so cold, you can feel the chill into the bones. But after a while we’re all get used to it and having the greatest time. We form a choo-choo train on the river, just letting our body get swayed by the stream.

Green Canyon Majestic Rocks

After midway of the course, we encounter one of the most spectacular sight ever. A natural sculpture of rocks, stalactites, stalagmites, dangling roots. And there are water spring came down those roots.

It was so pure that you can feel the freshness of the water the moment it touches your lips. Some even said that the spring was some kind of fountain of youth. And drinking the water would preserves or even revert yourself back to younger times, ageless wonder and myths.

At the end of the course you will find the most demanding of all if you choose it to be. It was The Leap of Faith! A mushroom rock that grows 7 meters above the water, a perfect jump board to the deep parts of the river around the rock.

And the guide would say: “to those who wants to jump from the mushroom rock and try your guts please go to the left and climb up. And to those who doesn’t want to prove anything please proceed down stream and wait for your friends”.

Body rafting is something you need to experience yourself to understand how exciting it is to be carried away by the stream. All fifteen of us adventuring down the river, trekking the impassable crevice, up the slope, down the slope.

Purify Your Soul with Green Canyon Air and Water

Some of us didn’t even wear any shoes or sandals. Bearing it all the way to the finish line. It took 5 to 6 hours to get to the finish line. After that a boat is ready to pick us up and go back to the briefing hut.

Green Canyon is just one of the best natural wonder I have ever seen in Indonesia. I couldn’t help to call it The Canyon of Wonders…LOL. . It really is! believe me, you should see it for your self. Seeing is Believing!

The Canyon of Wonders

If you are planning to go there yourself, there is only one suggestion from me. Bring your water resistant camera or underwater camera with you! If you don’t have one, buy it! or borrow it! You DO NOT want to miss the breathtaking scenery that nature has preserved for probably thousands of years, it was the presents from mother nature herself. Trust me!

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