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Surya Kencana square is decorated with flowers savanna Edelweiss (Anaphalis javanica) is very broad. Indeed, this place is the ancient caldera of Mount Gede. On one of the enormity of the eruption, the caldera is covered with eruptions themselves. While the new crater is formed at the Peak Gede until now.

Surya Kencana Edelweiss Flower Field

Plains covering 50 hectares which is located between Mt Gede and Mt Gumuruh, most of which is covered by a plain Java Edelweiss flowers, this place called the Square Surya Kencana (2,750 m.dpl). This place is preferred by the climbers as a place to camp. In the rainy season, here there is a spring.

To the east peak of Gede, a desert grassland and edelweiss. Surya Kencana is the name of a son, Prince Aria Wiratanudatar (founder of the city of Cianjur) who married a daughter of the genie. Prince Surya Kencana has two sons: King Sakti and King Siliwangi.

Many mythical stories of the climbers who are in the area of ​​the square Surya Kencana never heard a horse’s feet are running, but horses are not seen his form. That said, this incident a sign of Prince Surya Kencana come to the square, escorted by soldiers. In addition, the climbers sometimes see strange things on the terms folklore area.

To reach the location Pangrango Gede National Park can be reached via the route Jakarta-Bogor-Cibodas with approximately 2.5 hours (± 100 km) by car, or Bandung-Cipanas-Cibodas with time 2 hours (± 89 km), and Bogor- Salabintana with a time of 2 hours (52 km).
Or it could through other routes and may also request info route path to TNGGP from webside or friends who ever visit there …

welcome to the adventure zone….

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