Sunday, 15 January 2012

Diving Site: Krakatau Islands, Indonesia

The catastrophic eruption of Krakatau is known to the World to have the loudest explosion sound. It is said to have reached Singapore and Australia. The eruption destroyed the volcano and gave birth to Anak Krakatau. And several other islands that remain are called Rakata, Sertung, and Panjang. Today, Anak Krakatau is still active and has erupted again on January 11th, 2011.

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Krakatau is located between the islands of Sumatera and Java, in the Sunda Strait. Krakatau has two diving sites. One of them is Karang Serang Rocks and the other one is Rakata.

At Karang Serang Rocks you can dive and see school of Moorish idols and other reef fish that inhabits the area. And if you are lucky, there are also the occasionally white tip sharks patrolling the area.

At Rakata dive site you could see Green Turtles. And with underwater trees that has been cast from the island by landslides has attracted large schools of fusiliers and jacks.

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