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Pondok Halimun tourist lodge or better known as PH. Located in the district of Sukabumi, about 7 km from the town of Sukabumi, is a good place to spend vacation time, valve cool mountains with nature that are still beautiful. Campground available for those who like camping activities.

Pondok Halimun Camping Ground

Selabintana direction we take. The road towards it is rather narrow, but smooth. Before the hotel Selabintana, in the middle of the road there are signposts to the left. From there still is 2 km. Road right-left slightly uphill and there are several villas for rent. Pay the levy entrance fee (Rp 2000 per-person), travel at this location a million stored typical beauty and coolness of the slopes of Mount Gede.
Along the way lie the green tea plantation owned by PTPN VIII kab. Sukabumi. On the left there rose with graceful Mount Gede Pangrango. Natural beauty complete with dance Javan hawk-eagle (Spizaetus bartelsi) above the trees (this moment can usually diliat the morning or afternoon when the weather is sunny).
In the tourist area at an altitude of approximately 1,000 meters from sea level (asl), most visitors come to the waterfall (the water was jun) Cibeureum. With a height of waterfall 60meter and very fresh air about 10 to 18 degrees Celsius, so that our bodies get oxygen supply is pure and clear in this area Waterfall is located in the conservation area of ​​Mount Gede National Park Pangrango (TNGGP). In the area of ​​nature tourism PH organizers have four natural attractions and campground (buper), among others, Central Park Gede Pangrango (TNGGP), Perhutanioffice, PTPN VIII Goalpara, and there are some BuPer Pemkab Sukabumi.Dan (Campgrounds) namely Buper Cipelang, Java and Buper Buper Eagle Cottage Mist.

Tourist areas are often approached by several species of rare primates, such as the Javan Gibbon (Hylobates moloch), surili (Presbytis Comata) and monkey (Trachypithecus auratus). In the blue sky too often passed Java Eagle (Spizaetus bartelsii). A number of primates are used to play on the west edge of the forest which is only about 100 meter away from the crowd at the Cottage Mist. If the weather was sunny, we can see several types of hawks circling in the sky blue. Among them there are species of eagle is very rare and only found in Java, namely Java Eagle.

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