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Anyer also known as “Anjer” is the old port town in Banten, formerly West Java, Indonesia, about fifteen kilometers south of Merak. It is the home of a sixty five meters lighthouse (Cikoneng) built by the Dutch, King Willem III in 1885 as a memorial for the townspeople, victim of the eruption of Krakatau Mountain.

The Anyer beach is facing the West, so you could get the perfect view of Mt. Rakata (the child formed as the result of the Great Eruption of Krakatau Mountain in 1833) and the the most beautiful and magnificent sunset in West Java.

You can do all sorts of activities in Anyer, such as Jet Ski, Banana Boat, Para Sailing and many many more. Anyer is a popular beach resort destination for many of Jakarta’s residents.

Beautiful Sunset at Anyer Beach

Anyer beach has white sands that would amaze many tourists. you can feel the softness of the sands. It is located in the west coast of Java about 120 km from the Capital City.

And off the coast of Anyer, lies the Sangeang or Sangyang Island. It is located 10 km off Anyer beach, and is an easy diving destination for many divers who wants to spare their weekend.

Besides Sangyang Island, the Western Sunda Straits also offers a wide variety of excellent diving experiences. And the unique geography of the area offers everything from well “virgin” coral reefs to volcanic pinnacles and deep wall diving. The wide range and variety of diving opportunities in the area also means there is something to offer all divers, no matter what your level or experience is.

One Big Happy Family

In addition from it’s geographic location, the humans also contributes to several excellent wreck dives as well, including the battle ships of HMAS Perth and USS Houston that sunk in the Battle of the Sunda Straits.

This marine reserve offers a great range of hard and soft coral gardens. Located in the narrowest part of the straights, strong current sweep down the sides of the island bring rich nutrients that support a wonder land of marine life, including pelagic fish, green turtles, etc.

I hope I would be able to visit there again some time. Beautiful and Magnificent sunset indeed…

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